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How Booking Your Trip Works

Creating your reservation with Roaring Travel Destination is easier than ever. Our proven booking process makes dream vacations accessible. And should you need any help along the way, Roaring Travel Destination is a call, text, email, or chat away.

Learn more about the Roaring Travel Destination booking process below.

Booking Process

Follow our proven booking process to be on your way to your dream vacation.

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Step One: Travel Request

To start your travel request, you can submit a travel request form or schedule a quick travel appointment call to discuss the details of your next adventure.

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Step Two: Itinerary Creation

Next, Roaring Travel Destination will create a few itineraries for you based on your preferences and needs. We will review these travel options and decide what works best for you.

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Step Three: Reservations

Once we've found the trip for you, we'll need to complete the reservations by completing a booking and deposit form. Once that form is completed by you, I will complete your reservation and book your trip!

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Step Four: Travel Preparation

Between the time of booking and the time of your trip, I will be sure to stay connected with you to prepare for your upcoming trip and be sure your final payment is made on time.  A couple weeks before you leave, we can have a before-you-go travel appointment to review your travel documents together! You can also check out our travel resource center to prepare as well!

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Step Five: Travel Time

Once it's time to go, you'll be travelling confidentially knowing you used Roaring Travel Destination for your next adventure. If you should need my assistance along the way, I am just a call, text, email, or chat away!

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