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About Our Agency Owner & Expert Advisor

Hello, and thank you for visiting Roaring Travel Destination. It's truly an honor to be sharing my lifelong passion with you. Lord knows this has been a long time coming. My name is Monique Ransom, and I am the owner of Roaring Travel Destination. After spending thirteen years of my career in the hospitality industry, I started building my agency with the intention to create a better way to travel for people who are so deserving of their next vacation. My vision became extremely clear... to offer

Worldwide Travel Journeys that are possible for any traveler!

My perspective was shaped during my upbringing in Queens, New York. Now, I am living my dream in Havelock, North Carolina with my husband, who’s been standing beside me since I was eleven, if you can believe it! Together we have six children, with one dearly gone from us but alive in our hearts always, and six grandbabies that keep us smiling ear-to-ear. I am highly influenced by the goodness around me. Focusing on the highlights of life and finding beauty in every corner has guided my journey thus far. I trust in my intuition and positive attitude to guide my business and the journeys we create for our travelers.

Everyday my only goal is that my clients feel welcome, listened to, and supported. There’s nothing I love more than connecting with my clients and being able to provide them with out-of-this-world travel experiences. When you become a client of mine, you can count on being cared for and encouraged while together we plan incredible trips throughout your lifetime. Get ready to start traveling a new way with Roaring Travel Destination. We can't wait to welcome you.

A Gallery of Monique's Travels

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