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River Cruise Travel Packages

River Cruises

Ocean cruising is the way to go for ultimate island getaways, but when it comes to discovering all new cultures, customs, and countries, river cruising is the way to see it all. The views of sailing along a winding path through the mountains, under bridges, and alongside stunning, historical architecture is a whole new way to cruise. River cruises are often smaller ships, promising an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere to return to when you’ve strolled along all paths of adventure and learning. You’ll be a luxury guest on the floating five-star hotel while gliding along the rivers that poets have been inspired by for centuries. 


There’s a room to fit every kind of need. You can choose from a standard cabin to a balcony or open veranda. These suites are designed for comfort but truly are centered around the view. These ships provide an innovative space to relax and enjoy the cruise without feeling the "floating sensation" you may expect of a smaller ship. The sleek designed ships and its suites are sure to impress any traveler.

Beverage & Dining

Meals prepared along the river are some of the finest in the world. Prepared by private chefs, you can enjoy upscale dining and experience in-destination flavors paired with premium spirits and local wine pairings. 


While you anticipate the adventures you’ll see in your cruising destination, enjoy upscale activities along the way like piano clubs, cooking classes, and locally-inspired crafts. Once you reach the cities you’ve been waiting for, you can enjoy museums, biking, touring, and any number of other experiences.  

Booking with us makes dream cruise vacations come true!

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