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Obey Tier

What is Included

  • Destination Wedding Consultation We offer a complimentary consultation call with the happy couple to consider their desires, destination inspiration, venue ideas, guest list and more. Please allocate 15-30 minutes for this call. 

  • Destination & Venue Selection Guidance  After our initial consultation call, we provide you with quotes for recommended destination and venue options.

  • Contract Management We will guide you through the wedding travel contract and help you follow a carefully curates plan to successful complete the contract terms. 

  • Suite Selections We will guide you to choosing the rooming choices for you and your guests. 

  • Guest Bookings We manage your guests reservations, payments and travel arrangements. 

  • Email Communication to Resort All correspondence will be sent from our wedding planning department and to the resort on behalf of the happy couple.

  • Important Date Reminders The resort has a timeline full of important dates and deadlines. We keep up with all important dates and we make sure the resort receives everything important according to their desired deadline. You will receive an email 30 days before it is due and then a two-week reminder of anything requested.

  • Tasting and Touring Two to three months before the wedding, it is suggested that if a resort offers you a tour and taste, if your schedule permits it, please do so. This is a service that you can be accompanied by your assigned wedding coordinator. Your wedding coordinator is only there to make important notes for your special day. This is an option that can be added to this package and must be confirmed before you go into contract with Wedding Dreams Come True LLC. 

  • Accompanying the wedding group Your assigned wedding coordinator will arrive at the resort the day before the happy couple. During this process, your wedding coordinator will greet all your guests in the lobby as they arrive providing there is no flight delays. Sometimes guests have last-minute requests such as romantic dinners, or excursions and your assigned wedding coordinator will be happy to service all in your party that requires assistance from them.  

  • Arrival and Departure As mentioned, your assigned wedding coordinator will arrive before the happy couple, but they silently make their departure the day after the wedding.  

Service Cost: Professional fee* for Obey Tier Services

Let's start planning your destination wedding...

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