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Guided & Independent International Tours

If your idea of adventure doesn’t come with from heading somewhere to enjoy the view, but rather go after the most incredible view you can find, a guided or independent tour may be more your style. In destinations where your trip highlights are found in a few locations along your journey, we can craft extraordinary itineraries for you. These itineraries can feature a variety or travel components like by land and sea. You can explore by rail, car, or boat, you can experience your very own form of adventure. For those looking for a low-key version of adventure, we can create that too!  


Travel independently your way following a detailed itinerary. Or you can travel with a small group, where you’ll meet and travel with like-minded individuals, forming friendships that can last a lifetime. With a group tour, you can always enjoy some quality alone time by veering off on your own as well. 



When creating your guided or independent tour itinerary, we will choose accommodations that suit you at three, four, or five star ratings. These itineraries usually have a few hotel stays in different cities along your route, so be prepared to pack and unpack a couple times. Often in these destinations, that hotel accommodations can vary offering some additional perks for your stay. It's important to keep that in mind for these types of accommodations can vary by destination and culture! Exotic accommodations may be available depending where you're heading - like tree houses, bungalows, suites, and more!

Beverage & Dining

Tour trips typically include breakfast, then you’ll be free to discover restaurants, pubs, street vendors, and even more local fare on your own for lunch and dinner. In exotic destinations, they will likely have onsite dining options available to you. Asking local hotel guides for dining recommendations is always helpful too!


You'll have access to plenty of activities when building your itinerary to be sure to complete all the must dos! Hike the trails, Get some locals' perspectives on daily customs. Truly immerse yourself in the culture of your destination. You may also want to keep some time for shopping and spa relaxation during your big adventure.

Booking with us makes bucketlist vacations come true!

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